The antidote to materialism, Establishment religions, and the pop-spirituality industry

If the soul is to be liberated from the material world, it cannot be through the means and precepts of the world. Hence, the form, style, and content of A Book to Free the Soul deliberately eschew the circuitous, traditional conventions of modern society, religion, pop-spirituality, and occultism to re-chart the spiritual journey after an inner initiation .  The book does not follow a structured argument and must be experienced "introvertively." Within its pages, you will find a far-reaching corpus of allegorical narratives, essays, analyses (including a thorough, esoteric examination of the Coptic  Gospel of Thomas ), meditations, and riddles to help you claim your authentic spiritual heritage and defeat the forces of materialism that work against you.  You will learn how a meta-individuality can rise beyond death and the limitations of matter. You will explore the metaphysics of the Self Triumphant and the origins of all things. You will discover at last what ought to be